The Ten Things Sellers Should Look for in Their Real Estate Agent

The Ten Things Sellers Should Look for in Their Real Estate Agent

There are a variety of options today’s sellers have when they are ready to list their home—sale by owner, realtors, or online real estate resources that are all ready to help you list. But what are you really giving up when you settle for lesser service?


#1—Access to the MLS— The MLS, or multi-listing service, is the source agents use for posting homes for sale. Nearly every licensed agent can get you set up here, but you should also request a portal you can use, so you can browse through the latest listings just as your real estate agent can. It may turn up listings your agent might not have known you would like. If the portal is a good one, it can be set up with alerts so you are forwarded all the new listings that meet your criteria the second they are posted. In a tight, low inventory market, the early bird gets the opportunities.


#2—Breadth of Selling Area Expertise— The best agents are the ones that are licensed to operate in as many areas as possible. Why? Because they understand more markets, and they can pull in buyers from all areas. Conversely, if you are looking for a home, they can help you find the right home in areas you may not have considered. In the Louisville area, it helps if your realtor knows Jefferson County and all its surrounding counties.


#3—Neighborhood Research— Does your realtor know how to thoroughly research a neighborhood, its crime rate, schools, and such? It’s the sort of information that can make or break a sale for many buyers!


#4—Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR)— Realtors who are also ABRs have gone through an extra certification process. This allows them to act as impartial advocates on behalf of their clients who are looking to buy. An agent with this designation can bring you buyers quicker. And they make a great ally when you’re looking for your next home, too!


#5—A good client database— Realtors who have been in the business for a while, or who are associated with a reputable realty firm have some advantages. They have a larger client database, giving them a more involved and interested marketing audience for your listing. Experience counts!


#6—Relationships with lenders— Good working relationships with mortgage officers can help in two ways. First, your real estate agent should be able to forward you to reputable lenders who can pre-approve you for your loans on your next home. Second,  they can help buyers interested in your home get kick started on the loan process.


#7—Accurate appraisals and pricing— One of the trickiest parts of selling a new home is setting the right price for it. Pricing, after all, can be the difference between your home selling right away, and languishing on the market for weeks. Your real estate agent should be able to provide you with detailed research about what comparable properties have been selling for in your neighborhood, preferably in a printed report.


#8—Listing presentation— A good real estate agent should be able to tell you, with authority, what needs to be done to your home to maximize its sales value. This includes recommending what needs to be done for presentation, such as home improvements, furniture rentals, and staging. A good agent can direct you to reputable contractors, help you stage, or hire a staging company to make your home shine.


#9—Projecting your profits— How much will you make in profits when you sell your home? Ask your agent to provide you with a detailed breakdown that shows what you can expect to earn after fees and expenses are extracted, and what kind of equity you will have moving forward into the purchase of your next home.


#10—Photography that sells— Presenting your home in the best light is paramount, and top-notch photography is essential. Your agent should have access to the best photographers, and aerial photography if your property is on a large piece of land.


As a long-standing real estate agent with Remax Properties East, I can offer you all these services, and more. Don’t hesitate to call me at 502-376-0492 or email at if you’d like to explore what these services can do for your listing.



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